What activities you can do in Agia Roumeli?

Hiking in the White mountains.

We can help you to arrange walks for one or more days to the White Mountains, the wildest and nicest mountain region of Crete.
Feel the wilderness, explore places hard to reach (besides the world-famous Samaria gorge there are many more gorges, with different skill-levels, from family-walks to real climbing).
Discover small villages, meet the shepherds, who still take their sheep and goats high up into the mountains and who stay there for the whole summer.
Equipped with a good map and the correct information, provided by the owner of PACHNES Bed & Breakfast, you can enjoy these walks on you own or with a guide.

Hiking the Samaria gorge

From PACHNES Bed & Breakfast it takes only 20 minutes to the lower entrance of the gorge of Samaria. This majestic gorge is considered one of the greatest attractions of Crete and many people are eager to visit it.
National park since 1962, it became a very important natural shelter for unique plants and wildlife. A 13 km path which crosses the gorge, gives the opportunity to people to see, feel and admire a big part of this huge and unique place.
Thanks to rigorous legislation, any human activity is not allowed outside the path that crosses the gorge.

Sea Kayaking

Do not hesitate, try sea-kayaking. One of the must activities in the area.
Discover the coastline of the White Mountains, seen from the sea!
Live the experience of paddling the Cretan sea in a kayak. Next to Agia Roumeli you will find many lonely beaches reachable only by boat. You can rent sea kayaks from www.enjoy-crete.com which operates in Chora Sfakion. Non experienced paddlers or those that they want to get the max while staying in the area can join any of the day or multi day trips of Enjoy-Crete. They are using high quality composite sea kayaks and they know the area like nobody else. Enjoy-Crete can also arrange to deliver the sea kayaks in Agia Roumeli in case you want to move back to Chora Sfakion with them!