Agia Roumeli, where the Samaria gorge ends….

The village is located at the end of Samaria Gorge, on the south west coast of Crete. Without a road connection, visitors discovering the area tend to come again and again to enjoy the magnificent coast line, the remote beaches with the crystal clear waters and the amazing massif of the White mountains.

The point where the mountains of Lefka Ori meet the Lybian Sea. If your next travel takes you to Crete and you like to spend your vacation near nature, Agia Roumeli is a perfect choice.
With many possibilities for walking, discovering the mountains and the coast line.

Apart from the famous Samaria gorge, the village is very near to some of the most famous beaches of Crete: Agios Pavlos, Fournoti, Domata to name just a few. The majority of the beaches are accessible only with a small boat or ideally with a sea kayak!

Regargind it’s origins the best is to quote from Wikipedia:
“According to one local source, the name comes from a corruption of the Arabic words Maya meaning water, and Roumi meaning Byzantine Greeks, indicating a place of “Greek/Roman water”, possibly a reference to the Samaria Gorge or a nearby spring. If this origin is true, it is possible that it was named when the island was controlled by the Emirate of Crete, or later under the Ottoman Empire. However, it is also possible the name refers to or evolved into a reference to Saint Romula (or Romylia), a minor saint of Late Antiquity in the Eastern Orthodox Church.”